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Trades Wallet® is a secure, online certification management solution designed to ensure worksite compliance and increase productivity. Our solution manages the various credentials an organization needs to verify their workforce is trained, qualified and certified to operate safely on your worksites. From safety cards to trades certificates, the credentials for an entire workforce can be securely submitted, stored, managed and shared with key stakeholders from anywhere at anytime.

Streamline Processes

Trades Wallet’s® web and mobile capabilities enable qualifications to be captured, accessed and shared from anywhere at any time. 

Increase Compliance

Designed to facilitate compliance with internal and OH&S guidelines, Trades Wallet® helps to promote accountability with required regulations by ensuring the information you need is always at your fingertips.


Trades Wallet's® Self Service app allows individual employees to track and manage their own certificates while keeping you in control.

plan options

Different levels to meet your needs


Our BASIC Plan option is best suited for organizations who rely on resources from organizations who are using Trades Wallet® to manage the credentials for their workforce online

This FREE plan is available by invitation only and provides 'read-only' access to view employee credentials and competencies online; to pre-qualify them in advance of their arrival on your job sites and even export a pdf copy of their valid certs for your files.

For more information about how you can benefit from our FREE plan, click HERE.


Our COLLABORATOR plan option is suited to those organizations who rely on resources from organizations using Trades Wallet® to manage the credentials for their workforce online, but who want more control over the way they engage with the data available for their employees.

In addition to our Basic features, this plan provides you with access to the Vault, a personalized repository where you can save a ‘point in time’ snapshot of your employees’ credentials, as well as the ability to query the system based on active or non-compliant pre-qualification assignments.

For more information about the features and functionality available within our Collaborator plan, click HERE.


Our PROFESSIONAL plan option is best suited for organizations looking for a comprehensive yet easy to use solution for managing safety and training certifications for their workforce online.


Our ENTERPRISE plan is tailored to organizations who, in addition to needing a solution to manage safety and training certifications online, require additional functionality to facilitate in-house training for their members or employees.

Our advanced Enterprise features enable you to integrate Trades Wallet® directly with in-house or preferred LMS systems, issue requests for training via email or push notification and even populate successful certificates directly within a Wallet using customizable templates.

For more information on how our Enterprise option can help your organization create efficiencies within existing processes or procedures and increase productivity for your staff, employees, and customers, click HERE.

Take advantage of all the value Trades Wallet® has to offer.

Sign up for Trades Wallet® and receive a 30-day FREE trial to access and experience the features, flexibility and freedom our system has to offer. Trades Wallet® offers a full suite of tutorial videos and knowledge articles to help you get started, but if you need a more hands-on approach, our Customer Care team is here to help.


Get the power, control and customization your organization needs to manage the credentials for your workforce online; Trades Wallets offers plan options to suit your unique needs!


Work with an existing organization


  • Review Wallets
  • Create Card Verifications
  • Receive Pre-qualifications
  • By invitation only

Work with others and save your own records




  • Includes Basic
  • Full Pre-qualification Reporting
  • Trades Wallet® Vault
  • Add Skill Evaluations

Create, manage and train your own Wallets 




  • Includes Professional
  • 500 Included Wallets
  • $0.90 / Active Wallet
  • $0.45 / Disabled Wallet
  • Class Completions
  • Training Requests